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How do I apply for a Black CSCS Card?

To work in the industry of construction in the UK, the staff members and employees should have a CSCS card. A CSCS card shows that an individual has the appropriate qualification and training for the job they do on the site. These cards are available in several colours. A Black CSCS Card is one of [...]

Health and Safety Course for Directors and Senior Managers

Well, every person wants to achieve something after they have gone through well-trained courses and qualified for the good ones. However, then also many professionals fail to get the best job according to their qualification. We must thank the fierce competition that a person faces in the market. However, good competition does not mean that [...]

What Is The Health Safety And Environment Test?

What Is The Health Safety And Environment Test?

The Health Safety and Environment Test is a vital qualification for all construction workers working in the United Kingdom. If you don’t give your cscs card check enough attention then you might end up being almost ineligible from working in the United Kingdom construction sites. Majority of construction sites in the United Kingdom demand its [...]