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What Is The Health Safety And Environment Test?

The Health Safety and Environment Test is a vital qualification for all construction workers working in the United Kingdom. If you don’t give your cscs card check enough attention then you might end up being almost ineligible from working in the United Kingdom construction sites. Majority of construction sites in the United Kingdom demand its employees to clear the Health Safety and Environment Test alongside holding the CSCS card.

cscs test

Whether you are just an employee or a visiting driver, sub-employee or the main contractor, having the Health Safety and Environment CSCS Card Test cleared is a must. This test ensures that you are trained enough to handle the challenges that a construction site throws upon you and that your employer doesn’t have to put you through the time-consuming training process. Since there are various types of jobs available in the construction site and those differ in terms of difficulty and hazard levels, the actual test therefore depends upon the type of work you will be doing. If you need to do work which is done from a height, then your questions will be different from that of the one who will deal with ground related stuffs.

Questions usually come from a bundle of as much as 400 questions and therefore it’s next to impossible to predict any. However, model tests are available online for you to pre-evaluate yourself. Thus, to prove yourself that you are a qualified and safety-trained worker, CSCS card is a must and in order to get the same, you have to go through the Health Safety and Environment Test within two years after applying for the CSCS card.

Importance of the Health Safety and Environment test

The CITB and CSCS cards are the vital parts among the different other formalities that you have to go through if you are seeking to work in constructions sites in the United Kingdom. Among the different safety and health-related evaluations carried the Health Safety and Environment Test is one of them. Some noteworthy points are:

  • It evaluates your knowledge on the safety of the environment where you will be working.  Because life is more precious than any work, it is highly recommended that one must have all the skills necessary to overcome hazards that are often impending in the construction site.
  • Findings are to the option that as much as 80,000 workers fall prey of work-related issues and as much as 60,000 workers hurt themselves while on the site. This calls for concern related to safety in construction sites and hence the Health Safety And Environment Test.
  • This test enables workers to function in a perfectly healthy and safe working condition as safety and health is a right for everyone.
  • This test is not just a formality but highly essential for safe functioning in the working environment concerning construction.
  • Working in a safe and sound environment, the productivity is also increased and so are the profits of the company or organization employing the workers.

In simple terms, the Health and safety environment test along with the online CSCS Card check ensures it is a win-win situation both for the employer as well as the employee.